Handcrafting metal jewelry can be a so enjoyable. I have been making handmade jewelry for many years now as a hobby during my spare time. Along my myriad of handcrafting quests, copper crafting has won my greatest appeal. The ancients have used copper for handcrafting jewelry for millennia! This red-brown metal is full of warmth and versatility that allows it to be transformed into captivating jewelry pieces. Coupled with my fondness for natural stones & semi-precious stones (such as amethyst, labradorites, herkimer diamonds, clear quartz...etc.), which has helped me quenched my fire and specialized my designs, I feel the time is now to gravitate towards my artistic application & elaboration to share with you some of my one-of-a kind designs.

My Wabi-sabi (侘寂) inspired design is a style that reflects traditional Japanese aesthetic that appreciates imperfection, asymmetry, rawness, rustic simplicity in beauty without much effort. Each piece is conceptualized to feature the beauty of combinations of copper & varieties of vivid vibrancy, the immeasurable living colors & shapes of natural stones. My creation also evokes simplicity in its own rite. Every piece has undergone a lengthy & composite process from inception until the final product, such as Initial Design, Texturing, Annealing, Stone Setting, Copper Plating, Polishing & Patination. Finally, all the pieces are sealed with a Clear Skin-Safe, Anti-Tarnish jewelry coating to prevent skin discoloration & allergies. Above all, I supposed the uniqueness of what nature spews out is what inspires me to capture its infinite beauty within my design.

In the eyes of the Buyer a product could have similar design features. To ensure originality & sincerity, the creator's signature has been engraved / embossed in Braille to authenticate ALL of my creations (whenever possible) - another special added touch for signing my pieces.

Invariably, if you're the one looking for THE one-of-a-kind piece, quirkiness or "Imperfection is Perfect" either in the setting or cut, then you have found COPPER SPEAKS through Wabi-sabi!